Fusion Restaurant was born in 2008 in Lecce.

Its purpose was bringing a new taste and a new style yet unknowing in South Italy. 

Wanted to share 20 years of experience in the restaurant business offering something different, something that nobody ever tried or saw before.

Fusion brought on its tables the best asiatic cuisine from 5 different countries, inspired 

especially by Japan.

It was the very first restaurant to introduce

sushi in Puglia.

Since then Fusion developed its cuisine  presenting more then 250 dishes on its menù.

The  quality of our products is guaranteed by a special traceability system following  specific controls for the total respect of  hygiene , freshness and  environment. 
Products with * could be frozen if no fresh available.
La qualità dei nostri prodotti è garantita da un sistema di tracciabilità che consente tutti i controlli necessari nel rispetto dell'igiene, della freschezza e dell'ambiente.
I prodotti con l'asterisco potrebbero essere congelati se non reperibili freschi.


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Viale Ugo Foscolo 11/13, Lecce-Italy  tel.+39 0832 493085

Info: fusion.sushirestaurant@gmail.com